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You Need Parapet Wall Repair- Know When?Parapet walls are the quintessential component of flat roofs. You possibly cannot think of standing on the edge of your flat roof without a parapet wall! Safety is the primary motive behind erecting these short-heightened walls around the roof perimeters. Apart from this, a parapet wall protects your roof from the impact of strong winds and acts as a barrier against dust and other elements.

Additionally, it promotes aesthetics and increases the functionality of your roof. From hosting Barbeques to setting up a kids’ play area on the roof; a parapet wall can make a lot of things happen. Hence, parapet wall repair Queens is necessary from time to time to ensure you are not compromising the safety of the building occupants and the property.

A flat roof without a parapet wall is more prone to early damage, threatening the strength and stability of the building. Thus, being an integral part of the structural integrity, keeping the parapet wall in good condition is of utmost necessity.

Today, we will discuss the common problems of parapet walls requiring immediate fixes by professionals. Failure to do so will result in critical consequences.

Common Signs of Parapet Damage

If you reside in cities like Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Long Island, Brooklyn, and Richmond Hill, you will witness parapet damage at some point due to several underlying factors. These include:

  • Leaks- Parapet walls leak are perhaps the most predominant issue faced by property owners. You may notice water seepage through cracks and crevices in the parapet walls. Also, pooling water is another primary cause of leakage. Leaks are highly detrimental when left untreated. They affect the internal framework, gradually weakening the structure. So, parapet wall leak repair is the best way to deal with the problem and restore your building’s health.
  • Crumbling Concrete- When cracks appear on the surface of parapet walls, it acts as a gateway for water seepage and other elements. As a result, you will notice crumbling or falling concrete, leading to trip hazards apart from structural deformity. Your parapet wall calls for immediate repair work before things go beyond control!
  • Missing Surface- Exposure to extreme heat and light leads to the failure of outer coverings. The coverings may become loose or fall off, exhibiting the inner layer. However, prompt parapet wall repair Queens can effectively fix the issue, warding off critical consequences.
  • Mold and Mildew- Nobody can miss the dark brown or black patches on the parapet walls caused due to mold and mildew growth. It is prevalent, especially during monsoons and winters, because of excess moisture buildup. Though it may seem harmless, leaving it untreated is a welcome note to threats!
  • Bowing or Bulging Walls- Improper construction, soil erosion, and settlement are the primary factors causing bowing or bulging walls. Excessive stress leads to structural abnormalities. The parapet wall repair cost may go a little higher if the defacement is too severe.
  • Overflowing Water- When there is excess water runoff, it damages the roof deck and sheath. Gradually, it starts affecting the building’s interior, and you experience the worst outcome! Hence, determine the cause of standing water and resolve it as soon as possible.
  • Debris Accumulation- Leaves, branches, sticks, dust, and other debris block the drainage outlets, once again causing pooling water. It seeps through the cracks and gaps, causing leaks and damaging the external wall coverings. Thus, keep the gutters and downspouts clean and rectify installation issues to avoid water damage.

We hope now you know when to call for parapet wall repair Queens. However, take prompt action because crises do not come with an alarm!